dine, Refine -

Refine & Dine

At a diner off Blackfoot in Calgary, It's always been packed and I'm sitting here knowing full well what I got myself into. It's the atmosphere. -20 Celsius outside but when you're behind a window and the sun is hitting your face you can't help but feel some sort of release from the death grip we call our work week. There is a smile on everyone's face, simple folk with simple lives. The way it ought to be.

Over complicated busy pointless activity filled lives are ones a lot of us live but finding the little things that make you feel as though you are living a high quality life should not be over looked.

That is what we and what I have found. Working with my hands is a blessing I will carry with me until death. In an age of machines and automation imperfection becomes perfection. Aesthetically straight lines are pleasing to the eyes however a flaw gives character.

We make everything by hand because we want to. It may take more time yes and it may cost more yes, but with every finished piece, a part of us travels into the hands of all of you with it. 🍁

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