More and more serious.

Well, another weekend down aswell as another $4000 spent. Leather and apparel is not a cheap game if you are exploding with creativity. There is always a tool to get a job done faster and always a method to release more and more ideas. Definitely not a negative thing but here at OA things are tight as we are infants in the world of business but it will pay off. "Build it and they will come" mixed with a little "listen to your customers and the market" as well as "are you sure you even can make money doing thing" "don't think about that last one and just continue on". The dream of owning a shop big enough to house all of the tools necessary to re build an entire city in a day would be ideal one day, music blasting people from all walks of life hanging out and enjoying a cup of coffee while they browse the store. There are too many chains now adays the personal touch of business seems to ha e left the building. This weekend though however that was not the case. Went to a leather shop to grab some goods and we were greeted by three separate people and asked what we take in our coffee. It was a nice surprise and didn't change the fact that we were going to be spending a lot of money regardless of how much selling the coffee alone would do. That's how I want to operate this business, I want for my team to have freedom of creativity and just have a good time every day. Try to eliminate the term "work". One day it will happen which is why the grind starts now. This blog may get not attention now but that will change with time.


Mix a little patience with passion and it might just change your life.

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