Leather, Goods, You

It's all important to us, from selling full hides and half hides of leather to leather goods either custom or from our minds, it is all ranked at.. you guessed it. Number 1.


Its a sunny day here in Calgary Alberta, one of those "summer is almost here", "slow down and breathe for a second" days. It has been quite the journey so far and we haven't even started yet. Some say you plan and work hard to get to where you want to be, others say luck is involved, I believe that if you see the potential in every situation you create a perfect combination between the two. Receiving ideas on products from those who have joined us on this trip has shown that everyone has a unique creative side that, with the proper tools and timing can shine through to reveal some extremely interesting and wonderful colours. 


I know I know I am getting off track here, I've never been one to show those colours through speech or text however you're seeing directly into my through process and how chaotic it truly is. I want to write more each day and piece together a backbone or a real reason as to why I or we are doing what we do.


i have mentioned it before and I will again, we are in the business of people, minds, creation and passion and our means of reaching out is through our work and yours. We have the ability to create lasting and functioning goods that lend a hand where needed in your daily lives but more importantly we receive the honour of meeting and growing with each and every one of you. We want to create as much as we want you to create which is why we have both well thought out taps to our company.


Time to enjoy that sunshine and a cup of coffee. Let yourself be happy today, you deserve it.

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